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Questions for the OTBU Executive
(at CBC Meetings September 21 & October 4)

1. Why was 60 Mobile Drive picked as the location for these meetings when there are so many secondary schools, and other more centrally located meeting facilities, like the D12 building, available near subway stations?

2. In mid-August, over 50 members of this unit petitioned the Executive to hold a General Membership Meeting no later than October 7. Why do you refuse to hold a meeting in October? Why are you violating Bylaw 3 of the OTBU Constitution?

3. Why did the Executive request provincial take-over so early and set up a bargaining team without an election for any of its members? Why didnít you first hold a CBC meeting and hold an election for members of the bargaining team at CBC, as required by the OTBU Constitution in Bylaw 4?
Are you afraid that you might not win an election at a meeting with members actually present and voting?

4. Why did the Executive decide to set up an office in an apartment building on Thornecliffe Drive, next to the building where Liz Barkley lives, in Don Mills?
Why didn't you select a location that more members would find central and more accessible? Is it because you donít want members to visit the office?

5. Why is it that only rarely does a live person answer the telephone at the OTBU office? 
When is the office staffed? How can members who need immediate assistance before and after school hours, and on week ends, get in touch with a union officer?

6. The OTBU newsletter invites members to write and submit articles for publication. Why does the executive engage in political censorship and refuse to publish articles submitted by members who have views that differ from those of the current executive?

7. When, where and how are minutes of Executive meetings available to members?

8. Several OTBU members report that they experienced rude treatment by District 12 Treasurer Bob Beames at the Toronto Labour Day Parade? What are you going to do about that?

9. The Secondary OT dispatch list has increased by 49% since the cap was removed, while work opportunities have not increased. What are you going to do about our jobs crisis?

(Please donít tell us that there are unfilled vacancies each day. Experience shows that the bigger the list, the more the vacancies. Why? Because members are forced to look for work elsewhere. Also, the system has more trouble matching people and assignments as the number of names on the list increases.)

10. OSSTF opposes double-dipping by retirees. Retirees are taking almost all the LTO positions, and most of the daily assignments. What will you do about that?

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