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Resolution for Collective Bargaining Priorities

Toronto Occasional Teachersí Bargaining Unit, OSSTF District 12
Be It Resolved That the top priorities for the next collective agreement for the Toronto OTBU be:

1. Reduction of the Secondary Occasional Teachersí dispatch list at the Toronto District School Board, by attrition, to 1200 names, which will then be the numerical limit or cap on the Secondary O.T. dispatch list.

2. Placement of teachers currently on the Secondary O.T. dispatch list who receive income from the Ontario Teachersí Pension Plan onto a reserve or B list -- the B list teachers to be offered assignments only when the A list has been exhausted in each day's call-out procedure.

3. Achievement of a substantial pay increase, to be no less than 10% in the first year of the agreement, and no less than the rate of inflation (as per the Statistics Canada Consumer Price Index) in subsequent years.

4. Establishment of at least one annual paid Professional Development Activity Day to be organized and held under OTBU auspices on the occasion of a TDSB-wide P.D. Activity Day.

5. Achievement of substantial improvements in health benefits, including substantial reduction of the employee share of premiums, reduction of the eligibility threshold to 60 days, and an increase in the range and quality of services and drugs covered.Questions for the OTBU Executive (at CBC Meetings September 21 & October 4)

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